Main Services


We are available to help you turn any idea into a reality.
Because working together is much easier!

BITANGO provides an extremely wide range of services at every level of difficulty.
However, we will never take on a project that we cannot carry out in the most perfect way possible.
Our teams comprise talented professionals who are proficient in product management, technical implementation, and end-to-end solutions.


Why choose us?

  • Software development with teams that are constantly expanding – because we have a team of more than 70 software developers, and that figure is only growing on a daily basis.
    Most companies cannot afford teams of this size and scope in order to implement large-scale projects.

  • Access to technologies – we use a wide range of technologies: BackEnd, Blockchain, FrontEnd, Mobile, Cloud, and that's just a partial list.
    Very few companies have as much experience and expertise in these areas as we do.

  • Huge financial savings – companies spend vast amounts of money on research and development, instead of spending it on marketing promotion or core asset development.
    We will save you money by attracting the right team to build your project from our three centers in Ukraine, Israel or the USA.

You can decide whether to take on programmers as external staff (Out Staff) or else we will price your project, adhere to the price and meet the deadline.

Professional web development

We provide efficient and secure web solutions tailored to the needs of your business.


Together with you we will decide on the choice of technology and plan the project, in order to guarantee a simple and efficient file structure, rapid deployment, high performance and smooth operation.

UX/UI – User interface design

After we have studied your exact needs, we create prototypes in order for you to have genuine user experience.
Then, after a few rounds of processing your feedback, we polish everything and create an impressive and beautiful visual design.

Front End

We employ complex and one-of-a-kind solutions, adapting the technology to each individual project.

Back End

We specialize in PHP and Node.js development, among others.
In addition, we also use backed up AWS services, in order to focus the budget efficiently.

QA Testing

Our QA team creates formal acceptance criteria in order to ensure that all the features are implemented the way you want them to be.

Post-release support

After release for production, we set up an extensive monitoring and recording system that exposes the internal system, so that we can identify problems long before they have a negative impact on your business, and fix them immediately.

It is important to us for your online business presence to enjoy the latest technology.
Our web development experts analyze your requirements and needs, and use them as the basis for building web solutions that look great in any browser and on any screen!
We use the latest trends such as: PWA and expandable data, in order to suit your evolving business needs.

Cross-platform Application Development

Flexible and reliable cross-platform solutions that are customized to your business needs:

We provide flexible, user-friendly and cost-effective solutions for cross-platform mobile development.
We build, develop and deploy cross-platform and feature-rich mobile apps.

The development of cross-platform apps enables you to save more money and time on web development.
The apps are compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems and provide the same features for Android, iOS, and even Windows.
In addition, the performance is lower compared to the original app.
This is a perfect solution for startups and small businesses.

We use the React Native framework for cross-platform development, in order to achieve faster loading time.

Our mobile app development experts are experienced in the latest technologies and deliver apps with the highest performance in order to produce one of the very best user experiences.
Cross-platform app is an extremely cost-effective and efficient solution.

State-of-the-art tools for projects that are important to you – The core tools between our platforms are: Unity, React Native, and Lonic.
In addition we use Node.js and first-class databases such as: PostgreSQL, MySQL, and others…

Original Mobile App Development

Mobile app development with a 100% guarantee to meet the deadline and remain within in a pre-defined budget:

Today, virtually all of our projects have a mobile component.
There are several requirements that can be implemented in accordance with the client's needs:
Responsive or adaptive development framework, cross-platform such as Xamarin, and sometimes original iOS or Android apps.
We have established our Mobile Development Division in order to handle the development of your mobile platform.
We have some of the most talented and leading professionals in the field, with years of relevant experience in each of the technologies that we have presented above.
We are confident beyond the shadow of a doubt that we can provide you with mobile apps that meet all the most complex requirements.

Mobile app development with a guarantee to deliver on time and within a pre-defined budget:
All of our iOS and Android engineering solutions provide functions and features that are built to order and delivered in accordance with a pre-determined schedule.

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